Friday, June 02, 2006

Visiting Mapungubwe

Two weeks ago, I went to Mapungubwe as part of a course I am taking this semester. This week, I am writing an exam on it. I won't post too much detail now, because of the exam. But it was a superb trip, really exciting, and engaging, and deeply emotional, and I thought I'd post a few pictures to give you a sense of it.
The Limpopo River, as seen from our digs for the weekend. That's Botswana on the other side. On the last morning, just as we were finishing breakfast, a whole herd of elephants crossed the river just down stream from us. It was an amazing sight!
This is K2, an older habitation site than Mapungubwe, within the same reserve.
The confluence of the Limpopo and Shashi rivers. To the left, Botswana. To the right, Zimbabwe. And in the middle, a disputed island so small it's barely habitable.

Mapungubwe: the hill, on the left, and a view from the summit. The weather turned as we climed, and it really looked like it might rain. Then, as we climbed down, it cleared almost as quickly as it had come over. We suspect the ancestors were not happy with us.

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