Monday, November 16, 2009

Who sings the nation state?

If you haven't already heard the rendition of the South African National Anthem currently getting a lot of online attention, listen to the video below. But be warned: your ears may bleed.
I am currently working on a paper on the musical marketing of the upcoming soccer world cup in South Africa, and while this incident isn't directly related, I think I may try to find some way to work it in there. Funny and scary all at once.

Here is the Mail and Guardian report on current responses

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Ultimate Zoid

Karen Zoid launched her latest CD, a compilation of hits and new songs, on Tuesday night. Here is a new music video

and another

and a link to a brief article and a fabulous interview video
I wonder who the new song is directed at? I could make a few guesses. And isn't that still from the video stunning!?!

UPDATE 11 November 2009
This is an interesting commentary. I don't agree that Fokofpolisiekar were more revolutionary. Their music simply isn't as good, and their politics, while blatant, is not nearly as astutely directed. The revolution happened, I think, when people more willing to listen to Engel than Danville Diva began singing along with Aeroplane Jane. But the clips on this review are great!

UPDATE 15 November 2009
And here is another great review that includes one new and one old music video

UPDATE 24 November 2009
Listen to these interviews with Karen from SA TV programs Kwela, DKNT and All Access. She mentions my dissertation plans right at the end of the second! If any of my non-South African readers really want a translation, I'll write one, but it will take a while. Let me know in the comments. The final video is in English (though of course most of the music isn't).