Thursday, August 31, 2006

South African music in New York

What do you think of when you think of South African music? Are you a South African in New York, or a New Yorker listening to South African music? Have you heard any live South African music in New York, or do you own any South African music? Or are you a South African musician who has performed or is planning to perform in New York? Why not post about it in the comments below. I would love to read about your experiences, thoughts, ideas and perceptions, and come to your concerts, if you are performing here.


Anonymous said...

I am a TV and Film music supervisor in NYC currently searching for all south african musicians and singers who are now liiving in the NYC area.

Contact me at:

Anonymous said...

Have u heard of Micanik?
They are two South African boys from Cape Town doing there thing in New York......there are some other guys in the band....cannot remeber the nationalities!They are orginally the guitarist and violinist form "the Sons of Trout".
defenitely worth a listen...fantastic live band and a cool south african sound!

choirgirl said...

Thanks, Anonymous. I loved Sons of Trout, so I'm sure I'll love Micanik. Great to hear about local SA groups like this.

Anonymous said...

The name of this South African Band is actually Micanik, and was started by Mike / Michael Rennie and Nick Turner. They have some legendary songs such as "Mother City" and "Swimming with the Women".