Thursday, June 15, 2006

Last exam

I write my last exam at Wits University this afternoon. It is Literary theory, and deals with aspects of gender theory, postcolonial studies and materialism. Unlike the last lit theory exam I wrote, I am not in a complete panic, but as the day progresses, I am beginning to wonder whether that is a good thing. Have I studied enough? do I know enough about these subjects to produce two coherent essays? what if.... I don't know what, but something. Is it just an inherent thing with me and exams that I will always panic at the last minute? And just to add to it all, my geyser began leaking this morning. I turned it off, and turned the water off, but there is water all over the laundry floor, and the washing I was planning to see to this morning is wet, but unwashable.
Better news, though, is that I have collected my framed degree certificate and my graduation photographs, and they look lovely. And I'm going to the Drakensberg tomorrow!

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