Monday, November 21, 2005

choir concert

The concert yesterday was a disaster! Ok, maybe that's not fair. The preformance itself was really good. The choir were the best I've heard them yet, and the audience was responsive and engaged. The problem was, the venue was double booked. The insane thing is, I checked several times last week to make sure the booking was in order, and phoned someone who had booked a rehearsal there during our performance. The rehearsal was cancelled, but I wanted to be absolutely certain. And then, half an hour before we're due to start, another party arrive, and claim the space as booked. The result was, we landed up sharing the venue, with the choir concert following their piano recital, their noisy audience socializing in the next room during our performance, and our program cut to half length, because it was getting so late. And now, the venue managers want to charge both groups overtime for using the venue for longer than originally booked. I can't believe they are being like this! whose fault is it, after all, if not the venue organizers. I was so mad yesterday, I was shaking during the performance, and today I'm exhausted, and very stiff.
Ah well. These things happen. such are the trials of running a choir.

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