Monday, February 26, 2007

In which the six-year-old me comes to the fore again

Wow, I really need to catch up on blogging my recent activities. But first, YAY, it snowed again. The snow is much lighter and more powdery than before, and is so pretty, I can barely contain myself. I walked home in it last night, and it was too beautiful for words! And I got to throw a snowball last night. The recipient was a good sport, but wouldn't be drawn into an all-out snowball fight, so I'm still on the lookout for willing participants. The one person who is most enthusiastic (and who just happens to be one of my professors) had a class when I had a break, so that hasn't worked out yet, but I am determined that we'll make it work. I want to see a music department snow man, and a lot of undignified-looking, pink-faced music scholars in Washington Square before the spring.
Now I promise the next post will be about music.

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T said...

Better hurry! It's going to melt fast. If it's still around on Thursday, I'll throw a few, though :-)

And I do think we don't have enough goofy energy in the department at the moment. Hmmmm...that should change!