Tuesday, February 13, 2007


The front page of the Mail and Guardia online today reveals a striking irony. The first story is this one, about luring South African expats back to South Africa, and immediately beneath it is this one, about land reform, and more specifically, South Africa's first expropriation of a white-owned farm. If it is in fact a deliberate layout, then it is a very poetic way of making a critical point.

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Anonymous said...

It seems, there were never any plans, thoughts or idea's on what to do with the multitude of people swept up in the "Freedom before Education" generation, after the well planned "violent Revolution", which never happened.
Maybe this should be addressed, and those who were used as a means to an end should be given an explaination.
People left for reasons, which are still making people leave, the land they love. NEVER to return.