Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Google Blog Search: "south african" white

Google Blog Search: "south african" white I often back-track through my blog stats to see how people who visit me find me, and how high up on searches I occur. This particular trackback lead me to some terrifying things like this, and this. On the other hand, I also ran across this and this, which gave me pause to think. I am a die-hard South African, but I do get fearful. Especially when I realize that my chances of gaining financial assistance, or a job in academia, in this country, are decreasing. There is an interesting section in this book, that I linked to in September, about the benefits of affirmitive action. This was written by the past president of the SRC at our university. I am unsure what to think. I am tempted to just say "make up your own minds", but I don't think it is that simple. I spent today walking in one of the most beautiful nature reserves near my home. It is maintained using money that is not being used to provide several hundred pregnant women with anti-retrovirals. It is money which is not being used to pay for several student's education. It is money which is not being used to buy one farm from a white farmer as part of the land redistribution program. But without it, what do we have? if we destroy all these natural resources, we are diminishing our countrie's ability to support those children saved by the antiretrovirals. I don't know how to solve these things. I do know that I am willing to keep trying. I don't want to stop trying. This is my home. I am a white South African.

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