Monday, November 22, 2004

a day out

I had such an amazing day today, I just had to record a little bit of it. A friend from Finland is here is SA (he is on his way to Capetown now), and has been staying with friends of his in the south of Johannesburg for the weekend. Well, he and I spent the day in Johannesburg today, and visited, among other places, Constitution hill which is built on th esite of the old fort. There is a lovely museum there, and we went for a tour of the whole place. It was amazing! I didn't realise what a good museum it was. In the afternoon, we met my supervisor in Mellville, and had coffee and cake together. It just reminded me all over again what a great person she is to work with. Not that I ever forgot it, but it was reconfirmed today. She is such a fabulous person to be around, and to talk to. anyway, enough mushy stuff. I am off to the conference in Stellenbosh tomorrow, and really looking forward to it!
Will update you on the progress we make at the conference afterwards.

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