Friday, November 26, 2004

Conferences and holiday

Almost as quickly as it came around, the conference is over, and I am on holiday. It was an amazing conference, though. Almost every paper presented had some direct bearing on mine, and I got some good feedback on mine, too. In adition, it was just nice to spend some time in a different environment among different people. The guest house I was in was beautiful, and I had a room right up in the loft, which was lovely. And just for fun, on Wednseday night, we went "pubcrawling", which in Stellenbosch after the students leave, is relatively tame. Still, it was lovely to spend some time with my colleagues in a different, very relaxed, setting. One of the places we visited was called the "Mystic Boer," which really was the sole reason we visited it!
Anyway, the conference holds prospects of overseas travel and a publication, so aside from its intrinsic value, it provides even more direction and motivation for my honours project. This really has been a good year!

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