Saturday, October 30, 2004

Exam Time

Wow, it happened so fast, I barely had time to change gear. but, exams are now well and truly upon us, and I (should) have time for little else. Still, I am singing in a Bach choir concert tomorrow, 31st October (15:00 at the Wits Great Hall, for anyone in Johannesburg), and some things, like choir practices, don't stop just because I have a few exams ahead. My conducting technical exam was yesterday, and it went alright, not as well as I had hoped, but anyway, at least that is one more thing out of the way, and I also accompanied two singers exams on Wednesday, and one yesterday, which to my amazement was less terifying than I had anticipated. Oh, and by the way, did I mention that I bought myself a laptop on Wednesday? it is the most money I have ever spent at one time, but so worth it! I am at present sitting in my mothers lazyboy typing this on said laptop, when I should be studying for the written practical exam on Monday. Sounds insane, doesn't it? still, will post my thoughts on the reading matter as I develop them. One great thing about third year is that we get to pre-prepare many of our exam questions, because, or so we are informed, quality is more important that memory skill at this level. Might make sense to scrap exams altogether then, and assess on essays and assignments instead, but apparently the university still requires an exam mark, even if the writing conditions are somewhat different.
Anyway, back to the laptop, I have a choir practice for the concert later this evening, but that needn't interfere too much with my studying, because now I can just take my laptop with me, and continue my studying during the breaks! technomuso is feeling rather smug. So excuse me while I log onto the internet, and retrieve my email, and post this blog entry from the most comfortable chair in the house. Next post, when I have stopped playing with my new toy for long enough to actually get some worthwhile work done!

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