Tuesday, June 24, 2008

work gym and fireflies

I'm officially working at the NYU library for the rest of the summer. Yesterday and this morning were spent mainly running around sorting out paperwork to make this happen, but today I got to actually do some work, and it was great! I'm going to be behind the desk sometimes, and at other times I'm helping the music director check that the library's music books collection is up to date. And in two week's time, there will be some money coming in again.
I tried to go to the gym after work, and discovered that my student status only entitles me to use it at no cost during the academic year, and that officially ended at the start of this month. So no swimming for a few weeks. But I think I'll survive that. I'll just have to find excuses to walk a little further each day.
Oh, and on Friday and Saturday night I saw fireflies for the first time. NYChoirgirl calls them "lightning bugs". They're delightful little creatures that look utterly unremarkable until their butts light up, which they do at seemingly random intervals. I was utterly entranced by them.

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