Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Well, a lot has happened over the last while. I completed my comprehensive exams (not without some difficulty), hosted my parents for three weeks, attended my brother's wedding, and moved in with NYChoirgirl. And now I'm on summer break. Mostly, I'm working on my thesis proposal, and appreciating the delights of the season here in a hot, humid New York.
I've also been fighting an infestation of fungus midges on my herbs. I think they came in the soil in which I purchased the herbs, and for my first week or so here, there were hundreds of them! lots of spraying and soil drenching, all with non-toxic products, and long strips of sticky fly paper hanging from the curtain rail, and little dishes of apple cider vinegar seem to have them under control, but any other suggestions anyone has would be much appreciated. The plants are looking distinctly worse for wear, mostly, I think, from the spray, and I'd love to find a method of control that does them less harm.

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