Saturday, November 25, 2006

After conference glow (or is it just sun-burn)

I’m back in New York after ten days of travel, conference, networking, and all round great times! It will take me a little time to get the full story typed and posted, but I thought I might post a teaser in the interim.

Hawai’i was amazing! Waikiki beach is, as you could imagine, very built-up and touristy, but the weather was wonderful (it was great walking around bare foot after New York’s cold) and the beaches were great. I swam in the Pacific for the first time, visited an active volcano (that was an amazing experience that I will write lots more about), took Hula and Ukulele lessons, met all sorts of people, including many of the incredible scholars I have read over the years, spent some wonderful times with new friends and old, got to know my new department a little better, got a tan, and had an all-round great time. I’m feeling more psyched up for the upcoming final papers for my various courses than I was before, so that is definitely a positive thing. I am also feeling very jet-lagged (kind of slow and dizzy, though surprisingly not too tired), and so am going to take advantage of the weekend to get a couple of early nights.


wayne&wax said...

Nice to meet you in Hawaii, Nicol. (And thanks for the link!) Best of luck with the end of semester scramble.

I didn't realize that your work centered on South African choral singing. Not sure you've seen it, but this might be of interest to you:

choirgirl said...

Thanks so much, wayne. It was lovely to meet you, too. And thanks for the link to your post on the mbube story. I will blog it shortly. It was such an interesting case.