Sunday, October 29, 2006

Daylight savings

New York went off daylight savings this morning, and it gave me quite a fright. I had been looking at the time on my computer, which changes over automatically, and as a result, thought I had an hour before I have to leave for church. I then went to the kitchen to make breakfast, and suddenly I was late! I dashed back through to my bedroom, checking the time again to see how fast I would have to run to make it... when it finally hit me. Sheepishly, I returned to the kitchen and changed the clock.


Tisha! said...

Good thing it wasn't the spring, you might have been late! DST, isn't it annoying?


choirgirl said...

I'm hoping that forewarned is forearmed enough to avoid that. It would be so embarassing to show up to class an hour late, and claim daylight savings as an excuse! It is in the realm of traffic, and the dog ate my homework, isn't it?