Friday, October 13, 2006

autumn weather and bemused shop assistants

Autumn is very definitely upon us. It is 7°C this morning, with a projected high of 14. Time for the polor-necks, big jerseys, thick socks and heavy boots, hats, scarves and gloves. I finally bought the prefect pair of winter shoes. There was a special on at Kmart, and to my amusement, I created great consternation by trying on, and finally buying, the smallest pair of mens shoes they had available. To be more precise, they are the smallest pair of steel toed workmens’ boots in the shop. They are really lovely, though, comfortable, and very smart. They don’t look at all like heavy-duty working shoes. They are black leather, with solid rubber soles, lots of internal padding, and lace up to well above my ankles. After trying on pair after pair of toe-squashing, ankle-chewing, budget-breaking womens’ boots, these were just too appealing to give up, even if the shop assistants now think all South Africans are mad!

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