Friday, September 29, 2006

vanishing posts and chocolate

What a terrible week for posting! Three times I have spent time typing up a post, only to have it disappear into blogger heaven (or hell). And it is really difficult to re-type a funny post from scratch. So I'll be typing my posts up on word from now on, and publishing them only once they are safely saved on my hard drive.
In the mean time, though, This week end is a bit of a mile stone. On Sunday I will have been in New York for exactly a month! Celebrate with me. I will be satisfying my unending chocolate cravings by baking my mother's wonderfully sticky chocolate pudding!


Daedalus said...

blogger has been awful all week. i've had trouble as well. i've long had the habit of copying my posts onto the clipboard before hitting publish.

choirgirl said...

Thanks for the suggestion, daedalus. I'm usually really happy with blogger, but this week has been very frustrating!