Friday, September 22, 2006


I spent the entire day today at the Intrepid museum. I didn't quite make the 10:00 opening, but I arrived quite soon afterwards, and stayed untill closing. And what a superb day it was. My feet are swolen from the 2 mile walk both directions, and the almost constant standing, but I feel quite satisfied with myself. I walked the entire aircraft carrier from end to end, one deck after another. I rode both of the flight simulators, wondered through the submarine (what a terrifying place to have to live in!) and pretended I was a passenger, and then the pilot of the concorde. I saw the statue of liberty off in the distance, down the hudson river, and New Jersey surprisingly close. I admired war planes, and paid my respects of Harmon Rabb and his Tom Cat. And on the way home I wondered how many of those starry-eyed young men and women who walked the same deck returned home to write about it.

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