Wednesday, August 16, 2006

the future of SA

I had a really interesting morning. I am supervising student teachers on their "school experiences" at the moment, and today, my supervisor/trainer/employer and I attended a grade 11 history class. The topic was 'Bantu Education', and the very confident, capable and innovative student teacher divided the class into blacks and whites, and taught the blacks in Afrikaans, and the whites in English. The result, which could have been explosive, was very successful. The students twigged quite quickly about what the topic of discussion was, and after the requisite teaching, a really interesting and encouraging discussion on black economic empowerment and the effects of Apartheid ensued. Anyone who is not enthusiastic about the future of this country should sit in on a class like that. Children of 17 are so aware of the issues that face this country. They think about the future, theirs, and the country as a whole, and they listen to one another. Sure, there were a diversity of oppinions, but there was also a clearly expressed desire to make things work. I am feeling bouyant!


Joan said...

I am very interested in the growth of your country....we the British have a lot to answer for....I am ashamed of my countries history as is my cousin Prof Greg Cuthbertson, unisa.

choirgirl said...

I'm sorry that you feel ashamed. Sure, there were negatives. We all recognise that, but fisating on them is counter-productive. Think of Lot's Wife in the bible story. British imperialism brought a different kind of cultural diversity, and that is positive, if all of the effects weren't. Great to hear you have an interest in our exciting country. Keep in touch.