Friday, August 11, 2006

Back to my life

I am at Wits. Again. You would think that by now it would all be over, wouldn't you. But of course, it is never that simple. I shouldn't really complain, because I am here for two bits of really fun work, and I'm getting paid (on time, so far), for both. But walking on to the campus does feel a bit out of sync with my present state of mind, which is all on New York. I got the name of my room-mate last night. She is a South African visual anthropologist and documentary film maker, and I will link to info about her film once we have made contact, and if she doesn't mind me doing that.
I'm a little nervous about the terrorism on aeroplanes thing, of course, but as my mother says, you can't not live because something may go wrong. We simply take all the precautions we practically can, and then get on with it. I'm sure all the new security measures at the airports are a bit of a pain, and I don't like the idea of potentially being unable to carry books and work on in my hand luggage, but I would rather have that inconvenience than have a plane crash!
Oh, and I got all my innoculations yesterday, so both arms are a little stiff.
Last night we had a visitor to our choir who is potentially a new conductor, and there is another potential coming to the last rehearsal before I leave, so that is one more task out of the way. Making the choice between the two is up to the choir.
And my grandmother is out of the hospital. Yay! She is staying with us at home untill the end of the weekend, when we know she will be able to check her own blood sugar, and follow her new diet, and take her medication herself. She has type 2 diabetes, and probably has had it, though uncontrolled, for many years. On Sunday evening, she should be back at her retirement village with her friends, and the nurse who checks up on them every day, so all is returning to normal. That is a huge relief. I would have hated to leave knowing that she was still ill, and my parents were struggling alone to see to look after her.
And, and, and, and....
I sound like a herald, but there is a lot of news. My best friend's sister, who has been struggling to have children, gave birth to a healthy baby girl the day before my birthday, and another friend who has also been struggling told me last night that she is 5 months pregnant. I love babies, so all of this can only be good luck. I am seeing my best friend tonight after many weeks. And my dear friend Anthony has his birthday tomorrow, and another good friend is having her 21st at a very posh hotel on Sunday. I can't wait to get dressed up again. I love having an excuse.

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