Saturday, April 01, 2006

SSARN in Mthatha

I am off to the last conference of the SSARN series next week. For a while I didn't think I would be able to make it, and then I was considering attending only part of it, but finally, after much soul-searching and a long sleepless night last night, I decided to tell certain unpleasant other commitments to get lost. They have been possibly the biggest source of stress, and hence, health difficulties, over the past several months, and I have decided to give the more important parts of my life priority. If it keeps me sane and healthy, it is worth all the conflict it is likely to cause in the week that follows. Still, I am aprehensive, despite my excitement over seeing Mthatha for the first time.

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billy55 said...

hi there! i really admire your love for this country's music as well as all the history encapsulated in this, it relaay is great! good luck with your phd, i'm sure you'll be ok - i'm planning on doing mine in a few years time. ciao