Saturday, March 18, 2006

Recent developments

While I continue to limp along with a borrowed laptop and limited internet access (is it too common to complain about service in this country?), my professional life at least, is not in the same limbo as my blogger life. I am now definately going to New York University! I accepted their offer on Wednesday, and while I'm still making contact with other universities whose offers I need to decline, I am also progressing on the visa, accomodation, and similar tasks, front. It is so exciting to think that by this time next year, I will be an NYU grad student, nearing the end of my first year!
I have also, in light of this development, submitted an abstract for a paper based on my honours research to the Society for Ethnomusicology Congress in Hawaii in November this year. Nothing confirmed yet, but hopefull Hawaii is also not on my horizon of new experiences. Of course, I still need to have that paper accepted, and then find money for that trip, but hopefully these things are on their way. I now still need to come up with a paper for the South African Musicology and Ethnomusicology congress, but there are bits and pieces I am working on that may suffice. Lets see how things progress.

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