Sunday, February 05, 2006


I adore technology. I love that my computer and cell phone, internet connection and what not makes my life easier. I love that with a bit of playing around, I can things even easier, by programing something new, or putting together a new database, or something similar. I love that usually, the sort of things that go wrong with this type of technology are usually related to the rules that govern programing, and that, if I stick with it long enough, I can usually fix it. So of course, what went wrong this time was purely mechanical. My laptop screen casing cracked, right in the corner by the hinge. This is the third of this type of laptop that I have had this problem with. Makes one think.... Problem is, they are also the cheapest laptop in this performance class, and I can't afford more. the salary of a grad-student tutor does not extend to computers.
There is one computer repair place about an hour from my house. You stand in a two hour cue before reaching the front desk. They cannot give me an extimate of cost or time untill next week. The rediculous thing is, that if they sold me the relevant part, I could fix it in under an hour. It is not a big job. But of course, they will not do that. In stead, I am without a computer for who knows how long, and going into rapid and severe withdrawal.

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