Thursday, August 19, 2010

Die Storie van Susanna Van Biljon

Two film trailers in one month. One more and this might become a habit :-)
I am especially excited about this film because it stars Karen Zoid. I'm also quite fascinated to see how many films about and made in South Africa there have been recently. I haven't seen this yet, of course, but it looks like it may be an Afrikaans reworking of the Susan Boyle story. Or am I imagining things?

12 September 2010: The teasers just get better and better


Anonymous said...

Does have a Susan Boyle remake feel. I think it is fascinating that Zoid agreed to play this role. It is also interesting for the attempt to revive an "Afrikaans" film industry (the last time such an industry existed it was underwritten by heavy state subsidies and of course bolstered by Apartheid).

choirgirl said...

africasacountry, it's also rather interesting that this Afrikaans film industry revival is attempted with a story about escaping an over-bearing parent.
Karen actually went to film school when she was establishing her singing career, so I wonder whether this is an attempt to break into that industry.