Thursday, March 06, 2008

What not to wear

There's too much troubling news coming out of South Africa at the moment. Last month, a young woman was stripped of her clothing and assaulted at a Taxi rank near Johannesburg. The reason: she was wearing a miniskirt. Because apparently wearing miniskirts is unAfrican.

And the only reason this has come to public attention, it appears, is because a group of women wearing miniskirts marched to the taxi rank where the incident occurred. Police claim that this is the only incident to have been reported, despite the fact that women are regularly harassed in these locations. Of course, if the police would actually take down reports made by people, there might be more record of them.
It seems women can't win, either. I remember women being stripped not too long ago for wearing pants. Seriously, we are not living in the Victorian era, and men behaving like animals unable to control themselves at the sight of female flesh just doesn't fly. Or perhaps these really are men who belong behind bars, like animals at a zoo.

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