Thursday, March 29, 2007

The joys (I think) of grant writing

This is a new experience for me, but trying to convince someone to spend money on something I think is a good idea certainly forces me to clarify my ideas. I'm not too sure about the extent that it may also be shaping my ideas in a direction that could be suitable for the grant, but not necessarily entirely in line with the original idea, but perhaps that will force me to be relevant, or something. And hey, if someone wants to put money out there, it should at least be going to something relevant. No?


T said...

What's the grant? Enquiring minds want to know! (I guess you can tell me tomorrow at the airport, though :-)

choirgirl said...

I'm afraid it will have to be at the airport. It's for this joint project Ben and I are working on, and I'm not supposed to make it public yet. Jason's orders (or gentle suggestions, as is more his style). Soon, I hope, I'll be blogging it. But not quite yet.