Saturday, March 24, 2007

Destruction in Durban

My parents have been in Durban this past week, during some insanely high tides that did some serious damage. They, thankfully, are alright, but they sent me a link to this photo essay on News24 with some incredible pictures of the damage.
Kevin also posted these amazing pictures of the lightning storm in the area, and these pictures of the high tide and damage in Ballito and Brighton Beach (both north of where my parents are), and Toti (right where my parents are). In fact, he has so many pictures, I can't link to all of them, so just visit his site if you want to see more.


Anonymous said...

You write some truly amazing things. Very insightful. I enjoy your perspective and your take on NYC is fascinating and in some ways, comparable to my experiences.


choirgirl said...

Thank you, Angus. It's always nice to know my blog is being read.