Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Telecommunications in South Africa

Telkom is under increasingly public criticism for overpricing its services, though the real issue is, of course, lack of competition. I am glad to see that more public voices are being raised. So when is something going to happen? After only three weeks in South Africa, I must say that the expense and unreliability of internet services there really are my biggest frustration, and one of the biggest hinderances to the higher education system, and public intellectual life of the country.


Anonymous said... is worth looking at, this guy is putting his money where his mouth is. We need to support any sensible initiatives to get Telco costs down including Cellphone costs.

choirgirl said...

Thank you, anonymous. I am on the site now, and it looks great! I really hope all the current attention is going to have some impact.
If anyone has suggestions about how I can do something significant from New York (other than blogging about it) I would be grateful