Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I am graduating tomorrow.
I got my gown on Friday, and am spending this afternoon and tomorrow getting all the feminine things that I never seem to have time for, done, so that I will look my best by tomorrow. At least, that's what I hope will happen. I hate getting my hair cut because it always takes so long to get used to it afterwards, and while I love getting a facial, because of the indulgent hour of doing nothing I should be, I always seem to break out afterwards. And then there are thing like leg waxes and eyebrow shaping. I guess it's obvious why I never do those. But today (if I can finish ghosting this machine at the graduate school where I work), and tomorrow (if I complete just one more term paper tonight), I am getting those things done. And then I'm going to get some sleep so that I don't look like the workaholic zombie I feel like, and so that I don't fall on the stairs on my way up to the stage.
And somewhere in amongst all that, I'm graduating!
I have waited so long for this. And it has been such an incredible, life-changing, mind-changing experience. Not always easy. In fact, disgustingly difficult at some points, but worth pushing through all that stuff. And of course, without it, I wouldn't be going to New York in September. Talk about life changing! I decided when I was still in primary school that I was going to get a Rhodes scholarship and go to Oxford. I had no idea what I was going to do once I got there, but that wasn't really the point. Things change, though. I did apply for a Rhodes scholarship, and got one of those depressing single sheets in return that is written by someone's secretary, and tells you that you suck. The fact that I was in Sweden at the time softened the blow somewhat. And then quite abruptly I got a whole set of acceptances in the USA, and only had to attend one of those harrowing interviews in the process. And in September I'm off to New York.
But tomorrow, I'm graduating.

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