Tuesday, January 10, 2006

see jane in the academy: on doing the happy dance.

see jane in the academy: on doing the happy dance. This is certainly worth considering. The author of this post points out that celebrating one's successes is as important as doing the work in the first place. She was taught this by an individual she refers to as mentorprof. Funny thing is, my own personal mentorprof is unbelievably self-deprecating and shy about her achievements. Of course I think she's amazing, but I'm not quite as biased as she seems to think I am, because others think the same. She won't let me blog her latest triumph officially, so I can't post any details, but suffice it to say that this is me doing my happy dance on her behalf.
The author of the post linked to, and I, are really lucky. We have a resource many never find in people who believe in us enough to devote the time to us it takes to make these things we call careers, happen. mentorprofs, I salute you, and will strive to honour your contribution to my life, by doing the same for others.

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