Monday, October 03, 2005


I'm dealing with issues around the compatibility/incompatibility of the African Renaissance vision of our president, and the Rainbow Nation ideal of our former Archbishop, Desmond Tutu, and struggling to reconcile them. I get that much collonialism in Africa has been perpetuated by white foreigners, but really, in South Africa, Apartheid was a product of a distinctive sector of a white African race, the Afrikander, and not all of them, at that, and focusing as deeply on a black African vision as the president does in this speech, is exclusionary to people like me, who have no national identity beyond South African, and no ethnic identity beyond practically white (there is just enough middle-eastern blood in my veins that I occasionally get asked whether I am "entirely white", but not enough that I know anything about that part of my herritage. I can't even find out what country my middle-eastern ancestors came from). The Apartheid legacy was erasure of identity. The post-Apartheid legacy is reclamation, and pride, in that identity. But, it seems, only for those with the bodily markers of "African-ness." spiritual marks are too difficult to see...

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