Monday, March 07, 2005

feuding choristers?!?

I am in such an uncomfortable situation right now with a choir that I sing in, but am not researching, specifically. There has been a split in the choir. One half supports the chair lady, who does not like the musical director, and has unceremoniously and unilaterally fired him, and the other half support the musical director. I joined this specific choir because I had sung under the musical director before, and want to continue to do so, and so by default, I support him. I also support him on pronciple. But there is a greater issue at stake here, and that is, why do I, and other members of this choir want to sing in a choir at all? The answer from my side is: it's all about the music. Of course that's what its really all about. But then why don't I just join another choir? One that isn't in the grips of revolution? Because part of what I feel is important about the whole process of singing in a choir like this is integrity. I want to sing in a choir, but I also want to sing good music well, musically and physically/technically. I feel that this particular director is capable of facilitating my doing that. I am interested to know what reasons those who don't support him have.

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