Tuesday, February 01, 2005

scary stories. (LOL)

I think, for the first time ever, I understand why so many people live in so much fear all the time. Last night, I was returning home from a choir practice, when some idiot in a souped up red car started following me. I didn't even notice, at first. He just seemed to keep pace with me, and I was watching the road, so I didn't even think to look at the person in the car next to me. It was when I tried to change lanes to turn off toward my house that I realised something wasn't right. No matter how fast or slow I went, this car kept pace with me, and wouldn't let me get into the turning lane. I missed the first turn, but the road narrowed further, ending the lane that he was in, and so at last I was in the lane I wanted to be in. I was just approaching the turn, when he pulled in front of me again, and this time, slowed right up, and put on his hazard lights. I pulled around him again, and just as I got alongside him, he once more sped up. Once more, he pulled in front of me, and slowed up, putting his hazards on, but his time, I just kept going slowly, and ducked into a shopping centre parking lot. He reversed in the middle of the road, and followed me into the lot, and out the other end, and then, once around the block. By this time, I was so afraid, I was shaking. I called my parents on my cellphone, and headed for the nearest police station. I think he realised where I was headed, or maybe he saw me talking and assumed I was on the phone to the police. either was, he finally left me be, and I rode home. Needless to say, I locked myself in very carefully once I arrived home, left lights on all over the house, and took a different rout to varsity this morning. I hate feeling so afraid. I think I need to take some more self-defence classes. I've already put all relevant emergency numbers on voice and speed dial on my cell-phone, and my stun gun sits on my lap as I drive.
And now, I just feel numb.

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