Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Technoethno takes a knock

I had been enjoying my new techno-geek status so much the last while, that it was absolutely inconceivable that anything could possibly threaten it. Anything, that is, until the transformer on the powerlines to my parents out-in-the -middle-of-nowhere house blew early yesterday. I had just plugged my cellphone in to recharge when it happened, and I was left with an hour of computer battery time, and no cellphone. Now there was a time when I did all my work with pen and paper, but that was in the days when cellphones were something only businessmen carried, and when books were stacks of bound and printed papers. I was even stuck for reading material, as so much of what I am at present reading is digitized. And the worst of it was, the power was expected to be down for several days. The fact that we pump our own water here, and without power would have no water, and nowhere to store the masses of uncooked Christmas food rapidly thawing in the freezer, was the least of my concerns. How was I supposed to maintain the tenuous link on my sanity with no e-mail!?
Unbelievably, more than one transformer in the valley had blown, including the one supplying the local hotel with power, and so the electricity company made quick work of it, and by 21:00, we had power. It was with some amusement that I watched our neighbours, whose transformer was intact, barbeque their dinner, while waited plaintively for the power to come back on to microwave ours.

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